Student services and support programs


Pittsworth State High School offers a wide variety of support to students and parents.

Academic performance

Students should initially approach their subject teacher if they are concerned about their academic performance. If they have any further concerns students can also approach the relevant head of department, their head of year, or academic coach (Year 12 only).

Head of Year

The head of year is the first point of contact for parents/carers if they have any concerns regarding their child's time at Pittsworth State High School. Heads of Year work extensively with their year level and as such are often the most knowledgeable on all aspects of a student's life at school. Students should remember that they can also see their Head of Year with any concerns during the school day.

Heads of Department

The head of department for each subject area is responsible for the effective implementation of required curriculum. Subject specific enquires should be directed to them.

Home Group teachers

Home Group teachers meet with students each morning for roll marking and notices. Individual messages to students are often passed on through these staff members.

Homework Club

Homework club operates on a Wednesday afternoon from 3.15 pm to 4.15 pm. Staff from many subject areas are available to assist students with assessment and class work. Light refreshments are provided. Students, once present, are expected to stay for the duration of the session, 4.15 pm, unless a note is provided or they are collected (in person) by a parent.

Student Support Services 

Our school provides a team of professionals to assist with the well-being of all students. These personnel work closely with the Deputy Principals, teachers and other staff to monitor and support student welfare issues.

Guidance officer

The guidance officer provides help and advice five days a week to students and their parents / guardians on a wide range of issues including emotional and social concerns, bullying issues, subject selection, career paths and tertiary admission procedures.

School Based Youth Health Nurse 

The Youth Health Nurse works at the school Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week and provides a service to young people, school staff and parents with the provision of one-on-one brief intervention health support and referrals for a variety of health-related issues. The Youth Health Nurse is also involved in a range of health educational programs within the School, particularly in regards to mental health and relationships.

Youth Support Coordinator 

The youth support coordinator is available Mondays and Tuesdays to provide emotional and counselling support to students in years 10 to 12 to remain engaged in education and to enhance their opportunities for further education and employment; and to younger students in some circumstances where outside counselling services are not accessible.

School Chaplain 

The Chaplain provides pastoral support Tuesdays to Thursdays to students in the Junior years and can provide ongoing support to students where parents sign permission for this to occur.


All students are actively encouraged to look out for both their own well-being and that of their fellow students.

An important tool to this end is STYMIE. This is an on-line reporting website that allows students and other members of the school community to report any concerns about student welfare, including instances of bullying or self-harm. All reports are investigated and intervention and supports are put in place where necessary.

Last reviewed 09 January 2020
Last updated 09 January 2020